In music news, I’m happy to report that the always forward-thinking Trent Reznor did a Reddit AMA yesterday, during which he answered quite a few questions from fans. I don’t know about you, but I’m always excited to hear what the man behind Nine Inch Nails has to say. Most assuredly he’s doing the occasional press bit as part of promotional duties for the new How to destroy angels_ EP, but it’s great to pick his brain about many music-related things. During the AMA session, Reznor admitted he was working on a track with Queens of the Stone Age, which will likely be on the next QOTSA record (along with Dave Grohl, who’s taken over on drums as he did for the band’s seminal Songs for the Deaf). He’s also putting the final touches on a How to destroy angels_ full length debut album while “starting rehearsals for two bands.” The use of the word rehearsals seems to suggest that Reznor will be performing live again in the near future, most likely first with HTDA and then later in 2013 with Nine Inch Nails, because there’s also new NIN material “in the works.” When Reznor quit touring back in 2008 following a series of NIN farewell shows, he basically said he’d keep making NIN music but wouldn’t tour around it because it’s a grueling, complicated and expensive exercise that wasn’t worth the trouble for a man of his age. Apparently he’s had a change of heart. That can only be a good thing, because of the handful of times I saw NIN live, there wasn’t a bad show among them. In other AMA news, the long gestating remastered reissue of NIN’s double album The Fragile is still in the works, as it has been for years now. Apparently the remastering 5.1 mixes are done, but the artwork and other packaging elements aren’t yet. Also the Year Zero TV show that was supposed to be in development with HBO or some other cable channel, is currently on hold while Reznor and Rob Sheridan either write it themselves or find a writer that is more creatively attuned to their vision for the show. It’s going to happen eventually, just don’t put a timetable on it. Finally, after winning an Oscar for his work soundtracking The Social Network, Reznor also said he’d be willing to do more soundtrack work (he also did the soundtrack to 2011’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), but only if director David Fincher were involved with the project. Both film scores he’s done so far have been for Fincher films. So those are the AMA highlights. Read the whole mess of it here. Now, let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss tracks from Alex Vans, E4RTH, inc., JAN, Midnight Magic, Stumbleiene and Widospeak. In the Soundcloud section, tracks from Holopaw and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper are great for streaming too.

Adele – Skyfall (Landis Remix)

Ahleuchatistas – Wisps

Alex Vans – Wait

Dragonette – Pick Up the Phone (Live)

E4RTH – It’s Where We Live

El Sportivo and The Blooz – Waking World

inc. – 5 Days

JAN – Red Crust Ow

Jowls – Ruins

Lindstrøm – Vos-Sako-Rv (Vocal Edit)

Midnight Magic – Threshold

Rewards – I Used To (Live)

The Spinto Band – Leave Yourself Alone (Live)

Stumbleine – Honeycomb

Transmission Party – New Drug

Widowspeak – Ballad of the Golden Hour


Babysitter – Talkin’ Bout the New Generation

The Bronx – Ribcage

Holly Herndon – Dilato

Holopaw – Yearling’s Darlings

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Rooftop

Summer Aviation – Love So Fine