Have you ever been presented with the challenge of attending 2 weddings in 1 day? I’ve been told there’s a certain time in your life when it seems like all your friends are getting married at once, but 2 on the same day feels just a little bit excessive. The somewhat ironic twist is that none of my other friends have gotten married or even engaged in 2012. So the only two friends I have getting married are doing so on the same day. When it momentarily rains, it momentarily pours. At this point you may be wondering – how will I manage 2 weddings in a day? There will be a bit of bouncing back and forth between them, that’s for sure, and they’re taking place about an hour away from one another. On a side note, while I love fall weddings, I think November is a little late in the year to be getting married, especially if you live in the Chicagoland area. The high on Saturday is 48 degrees, which isn’t what I’d call pleasant. Still, no matter what the temperature outside, there’s plenty of hot wedded bliss action going on inside. So that’s going to be my weekend. I hope you’ve got something fun planned. If not, take solace in some Pick Your Poison songs. Don’t miss tracks from Crushed Out, Evil Eyes, Factory Floor’s remix of How to destroy angels_, The Luyas and Split Screens. Have a great weekend!

Crushed Out – Push Down and Twist

Evil Eyes – Keep Your Mind On Me

Gallons to Ounces – It’s Not You

GEMS – Void Moon

Grayshot – Future Light

How to destroy angels_ – Keep it together (Factory Floor Remix)

Kids Without Instruments – Stardust

The Luyas – Your Name’s Mostly Water

MVTH – Magnum

Saskatchewan – Divine Kind
Saskatchewan – Venom

Sondra Sun-Odeon – Golden Bird

Split Screens – Born

Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

Timegroove 45 – Dazing


The Cyclist – Visions

e-dubble – Cycle of Nightmares (Let It Go)

Madrid – Bride Dress in a Frame

Peh Per Ghost – Not Sure of Anything

Polly Scattergood – Disco Damaged Kid

Stubborn Heart – Two Times A Maybe