Boo! Yes, friends, we’ve finally reached that fateful holiday known as Halloween. I hope you’ve got a really cool costume that you were able to wear this year to whatever festivities you might have attended. If you think your costume was particularly awesome, by all means post a link to a photo of yourself in costume in the comments section. Outside of the drinking and the costume parties, you know what my favorite thing about Halloween is? The day after Halloween. Now October is my favorite month of the year, and Halloween among my Top 3 Holidays, but November 1st is spectacular if you love candy. I can’t trick or treat anymore, so stopping by my local grocery store and finding all the candy at 50% off sends me into a sugar rushed frenzy. I have a VERY large candy bowl at my apartment, which I keep around to snack on whenever the mood strikes me, and most of my post-Halloween buying binge stocks me up for close to 6 months (sometimes longer). So yes, tomorrow will be a big day. But let’s not forget about today, with some really cool costumes, haunted houses and horror films (which I love). By the way, the best Halloween costume I saw this year? Somebody was dressed as Kurt CoBANE (a cross between Kurt Cobain and Batman villain Bane). Well played, sir. Well played. Because it is Halloween, allow me to pass along the treat of some fresh mp3s and audio streams as part of Pick Your Poison. We do this every weekday, but for once let’s pretend it’s a nice extra gift. Please don’t miss downloads from Admirers, Fantasmes, Humans, Marissa Nadler (covering Daniel Johnston), Pictorials and Sambassadeur. In the Soundcloud section, there’s some great streams from Charli XCX, Crystal Castles and Twerps.

Admirers – Strange Children

Benzi & Willy Joy – This Is Paradise (ft. Marshall Masters)

DaVinci – Cheeba (ft. Ammbush, Main Attrakionz & The Jacka)

Fantasmes – Monster’s Mother

Fritz – Tundra Rye

Humans – Possession

Lovepark – How Do I See (King Dinosaur Remix)

Marissa Nadler – Devil Town (Daniel Johnston cover)

Mikki Ekko – Pull Me Down

Pictorials – Sense of Vanity

Sambassadeur – Memories

Vex Ruffin – Same Thing Tomorrow

Vitalic – Stamina (Le Castle Vania Remix)

The Wild Knights – Love Struck


Cara Mitchell – Little Birdies

Charli XCX – Cloud Aura (ft. Brooke Candy)

Crystal Castles – Affection

Lady Lazarus – Lapsarian

Twerps – Work It Out

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists – Big If