Today’s edition of Pick Your Poison is dedicated to everybody on the East Coast dealing with Hurricane Sandy right now. My thoughts are with you from a very dry Chicago at the moment. Chicago is supposed to get a bit of Sandy aftermath on Tuesday, in the form of some light rain that will surely be more of an annoyance than anything compared to what’s happened in places like New York and New Jersey. Looking at photos of flooded streets and tunnels, I suspect it’s going to be a bit before everything gets all cleaned up. Disaster areas will be named and FEMA aid will be given to those that need it. Sometimes I really love a good storm. That’s particularly true in the winter, when snow piles high. Ideal storm conditions for me are as follows: 1) Meteorologists tell everyone to stay indoors for the duration of the storm. 2) The storm doesn’t cause any major damage to the area, including flooding and massive tree limbs down. 3) The power stays on, along with the internet and satellite TV. Translation: Everybody stays home and curls up on the couch for a nice day inside while a storm rages through and we all come out unscathed. Sadly, all those conditions are rarely met. Certainly if I were in Manhattan or Atlantic City right now I’d be powerless and potentially evacuated, making it a nightmare for me. It’s probably a nightmare for many, which is why I dedicate this post to all of you. May the damage not be so bad, the power restored and your comfortable life returned to you the way you left it. Recommended tracks today include ones from Dolfish, Le Roi Crocodile, Maitland, Rebel Rebel and Taco Leg. Jamie xx’s remix of Four Tet is one you’ll want to pay close attention to streaming in the Soundcloud section.

Blind the Sky – Break Slater

Dolfish – There Must Be Something Wrong With These Shoes

Heavy Glow – I Almost Prayed

Janski Beeeats – Lament (Analphabeth Remix)

ldotsdot – Corruptive Influence

Le Roi Crocodile – Battles

Maitland – Drop Down

Nick and the Ovorols – Heed the Words I Say

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (NAVIGATORZ Remix)

Rebel Rebel – Project Runaway

R Thomasin – Framed

Ruth Minnikin – Positively

Solidisco – Turn Around (Original Mix)

Taco Leg – Raider

Theo Berndt – Blueberry Clouds


D/R/U/G/S – The Source of Light

First Love, Last Rites – Charlot

Four Tet – Lion (Jamie xx Remix)

Jealov – Everytime Like An Outro

TRAILS AND WAYS – Border Crosser

YUS – Nowadays