Can I pull off the craziest Saturday in the history of histories? I’ve booked myself solid this Saturday, and not really by choice. Okay, so partly by choice. It starts mid-afternoon with a bachelor party. You may be wondering why a bachelor party is happening in the middle of the afternoon. Well, it’s only the kick off to several hours worth of activities planned that go well into the overnight hours. After spending a few hours pre-drinking there, I’ll skip down to Grant Park for a charity walk. That will take a couple hours, and after some post-walk drinks I’ll cruise over to Schubas for the Chad Valley show. In other words, the day goes as follows: debauchery + drinking –> charity + drinking –> concert + drinking. One common thread there, my friends. I promise I’m not an alcoholic (this is something an alcoholic would say). Hahaha. Anyways, my Saturday will be busy. I hope you’ve got some equally wild plans lined up. If not, maybe some new music will keep you occupied. Please enjoy this set, with highlights coming from Alexx Foxx, Brooke Sharkey, CHamberlin (covering Paul Simon), The Eeries, Gospel Claws, Mice Parade and Romans. In the Soundcloud section let me recommend streaming Tim Hecker’s remix of Holy Other, and a new one from Icona Pop. Have a great (and safe) weekend!

Alexx Foxx – Make Love

Bago – I Forget You

Brooke Sharkey – His Voice

Chamberlin – You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon cover)

The Eeries – Should’ve Stayed Home

Escort – Camèleon Chameleon (Black Russian Remix)

Gankyu Neko – Futotta Neko

Gospel Claws – I Want It All

The Herald Beat – Phone Calls

LexiconDon – Pretending

Mice Parade – This River Has A Tide

Romans – Let’s Get It On

Tailor – Step Back

Watertonic – Different

Wazu – Councillor

When Saints Go Machine – Parix (BIRD$ Remix)


Big Wave – Only You

Holy Other – Held (Tim Hecker Remix)

Icona Pop – Good For You

Jimbo Mathus – In The Garden

Peter and Kerry – Split For The City

Pipers – Ask Me For A Cigarette