I’ve been a bit of a bad boy. That is to say I promised the world when I started a Facebook page for this site. Exclusive content, music videos, and links to every single post that appears on this site. Sadly, while I still do keep that page up and running, I’ve become a bit lazy when it comes to updating it. There will often be 2 or 3 posts collected and backed up in the hopper waiting for me to put them up on Facebook. I shared a few music videos and exclusive content (such as Spotify playlists) over the summer, but that’s pretty well dropped off too. It’s not a ghost town over there, but it’s far less active than I’d like it to be. Blame it on a busy schedule (which is actually quite accurate). But I promise I’m going to do my best to keep it up-to-date and reinfused with exciting new content. While I work on that, I kind of want to encourage you to get over there and press the “Like” button if you have yet to do so. I’d appreciate it. I’d also appreciate you looking at this weekend-starting edition of Pick Your Poison. Thumbs up today for tracks from Bogan Via, Book Club, Empresarios, Mist Glider, MMOSS and Sean Bones. The entirety of the Soundcloud section today is great stuff available for streaming should you be so inspired, and I hope you will be. Have a great weekend everybody!

Algernon Doll – Spiral Sounds

Bogan Via – TES

Book Club – Oh! You Lied

The Broken Needles – Saltflat Baby

Challenger – I Am Switches

Cracked Latin – My Miami

Empresarios – Rompan Fila

Hot Hot Hawk – Rise and Down (ft. Ksenia Popova)

Kairo Kingdom – One Two (No Big Deal Remix)

Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (Its Overture Remix)

Landerim – The Black Swarm

Mist Glider – Just Us

MMOSS – Another Dream

Saturday, Monday – Headshake (ft. Julia Spada)

Sculpt – Deece

Sean Bones – United


Avicii – Summerburst ID (Shoe Scene Symphony Bootleg/Unofficial Remix)

GRMLN – Patio

HAERTS – Wings

Mr MFN eXquire – Telephuck (ft. Gucci Mane)

Popstrangers – Heaven

Teen Daze – Divided Loyalties