Hey, while I’m still away for the week, please enjoy this Pick Your Poison post in my stead. Unless I find some wifi, and have some serious time to do some work, this will be the last post on the site this week. Regular posting will resume on Monday, Sept. 17th. With any luck though, I will find wifi and things will continue uninterrupted. For now, please enjoy these mp3s from BRAINSTORM, City Brat, KOPPS, Lyke Giants, Picture Book, Turtle Giant, Ungdumskulen and Warning Light. In the Soundcloud section stream new stuff from Band of Horses and Mist Glider.


City Brat – Yeah It’s There

Dominic Lord – Pierce (Remix ft. Pusha T and Grimes)

Fort Fairfield – Danziger Straße

Jez Dior – Candles

KOPPS – Bastard Baby

Lyke Giants – The Reins

Makoto – 73 (Dynamic Remix)

Paris Jones – Everywhere I Go (ft. J. Valle)

Picture Book – In My Head

Turtle Giant – Germany I & II)

Ungdumskulen – Facemask

Vinca Minor – The Time of You

Warning Light – Exile of the Coast


Band of Horses – Slow Cruel Hands Of Time

Disclosure – Latch (ft. Sam Smith)

Hidden Orchestra – Vorka

Kevin Daniels – Crazy Kind of Life

Lapalux – The Hours

Mist Glider – Chapter 14