Hey, so as you may have guessed because I promised such things, I’m back from vacation. And yes, I want to make sure you know that I had only a moderately good time. I wasn’t really ever able to enjoy myself and “stop and smell the roses,” but I did do a lot of traveling through the Southern U.S. I also got to stop in one of my favorite cities in the entire world, Austin, TX, which is a good time no matter what. Anyways, I’m feeling a bit worn down and tired from all the running around I did, so I’m taking it easy today. Of course this edition of Pick Your Poison is a bit super-sized, mostly because I’m backed up on emails and have a whole lot more mp3s than usual sitting in my inbox. Normally I would have given you most of these last week. But here we are, and it’s this week. Please enjoy tracks from Barcode, Brooke Waggoner, Dance Movie, Hyper Heart, INK, Nervous Cloud, Santah, Star Slinger and Twin Cabins.

Alt-J – Something Good (Zeb Wayne Remix)

Barcode – Corporate Safe + Secure

Brooke Waggoner – Ink Slinger

Calaca Strides – Row By Row

Cuddly Shark – Body Mass Index

Dance Movie – Things Change My Dear
Dance Movie – ANAF

Die Antwoord – DIZ IZ WHY I’M HOT (Dom Dolla’s Bass Revamp)

Drew Ryan – Losing Hope (ft. Dylan Charbeneau)

Eastern Anchors – James the Viking

Eutopia – Life

Hyper Heart – Fill Me Up

INK – Ink Goes On

Khalid Hanifi – Hog Futures

Lilly Hyatt and the Dropped Ponie – Championship Fighter

Nervous Cloud – How to Get Murdered in a Made for TV Movie

Nicky Blitz – Blast Off

Santah – Indigo

Star Slinger – Take This Up

Tunde Olaniran – Brown Boy

Twin Cabins – Lake Love

Vigo Thieves – Forever


Azita – It’s Understanding

Brighton MA – Touch

Civil Twilight – River (Ra Ra Riot Remix)

Fossil Collective – On & On

Nightlives – Underneath

Spring Offensive – Not Drowning But Waving