Seeing as how it’s Friday, I feel like now’s a good time to tell you that I’m taking a “vacation” next week. At least I think I am. See, I volunteered to help a friend take a road trip down the East Coast for a week, mostly so he wouldn’t have to do it alone. Where the “think” part comes in is that while he told me last week that he was working on a full map and plan for this trip, I haven’t heard back from him with any details. The original word was I’d fly out and meet up with him this weekend, and we’d start driving on Monday. I don’t have a plane ticket booked because I haven’t gotten the additional details yet. For all I know, I’ll get a call on Saturday telling me to be on the first flight out Sunday morning and I’ll have to throw caution to the wind and just do it. Either that, or with the current radio silence I won’t hear anything and will simply go on with life as usual. So the reason why I’m telling you this is because if I do go out of town and hit the road, there won’t be much in the way of posts next week. I’m not sure what sort of internet access I’ll have, making it tough to predict posting frequency and whether I’ll have time to check my email or do some writing. One thing I will tell you is that I’ll have a Monday edition of Pick Your Poison, which will confirm whether I’m on “vacation” or not. Consider this your early warning. Now let’s have a look at this Friday edition of Pick Your Poison. Keep an eye out below for tracks from Balmorhea, DaVinci, Great Caesar, Half Film, Jealov and Nebula Dogs. In the Soundcloud section, stream good stuff from Harouki Zombi (a new project of Orenda Fink of Azure Ray and Nina Barnes, wife of Kevin Barnes from of Montreal), Rubblebucket and Teen Daze. Have a great weekend!

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Lenno Remix)

Balmorhea – Days

B.Fleischmann – I’m Not Ready for the Grave Yet

DaVinci – Paper, Power, Pussy

Devereaux – Capri

Dragonette – Live in This City (Davey Badiuk Remix)

Great Caesar – Rearview

G R E A T W A V E S – Into the Blue

Half Film – Machine Hawks and The Perfect Equation

Jealov – AATO

Life in Film – Needles & Pins

Lili Haydn – Tyrant

The Linus Pauling Quartet – She Did Not Know

Nebula Dogs – The Ballad of Cosmic Jack

The Parson Red Heads – Another Chance

Seeing Eye Dog – Intricate Splatter Art


De Montevert – Jag vill ha mer

Harouki Zombi – Objet Petit A

House Of Wolves – There She Goes

Rubblebucket – Oooh Wa

Teen Daze – New Life

Vex Ruffin – Take It