When I first heard that Dan Deacon had developed an iPhone/Android app that allowed you to “control the lighting” during his live shows, my first assumption was that you could control the stage lights while he performed. It’s not quite that innovative, and if a couple hundred people are using it at the same time during a show, it’d turn the stage lighting controls into a strobe light sort of mess. What it actually does is it turns your phone into its own stage light of sorts, flashing and changing colors in time with the music and such. It also apparently changes depending on your location within the venue. You don’t even need to have wi-fi on your phone for it to work. One would assume that if you’ve got a bunch of people holding their phones up in the air during the show, certain sections of the crowd would all be in sync color-wise and pulsating-wise. It’s got to look pretty cool from the stage, but I wonder how it looks from the crowd. Anyways, if you go see Dan Deacon soon (he’ll be a North Coast Fest in Chicago this weekend), download the app for free in your smartphone’s app store and try it out. Report back and let me know how good it is. For now, please enjoy this edition of Pick Your Poison. Worthwhile tracks today include ones from At Sea, Ben Gibbard, Dalton, I/O, King of Spain and State Broadcasters. In the Soundcloud section you might be interested in streaming songs from D/R/U/G/S and Pure Bathing Culture, while Teen Daze’s remix of GRMLN and Todd Rundgren’s remix of Tame Impala are standouts as well.

Amplicity & Chucky Charmz – Anita

Astronauts, etc. – You Can Yell

At Sea – The Past Is a Drug

Ben Gibbard – Teardrop Windows

Cave Painting – So Calm (Daughn Gibson Remix)

The Cringe – String You Along So Long

Dalton – Wood Frames

Disco Fries – BassOff

Eight Belles – Buried Child

I/O – You Slay Me

Johan Reinhold – Heart in a Jar

King of Spain – Basement Fires

Ronnie Fauss – The Night Before the War

State Broadcasters – Kittiwake

Zulus – Death in the Current


D/R/U/G/S – Hemisphere

GRMLN – Coral (Teen Daze Remix)

Harts – Back To The Shore

Pure Bathing Culture – Gainesville

Tame Impala – Elephant (Todd Rundgren Remix)