On Saturday night, I was spending time with friends doing what we sometimes to, which is drinking at a bar. Upon stumbling back to my apartment a little intoxicated, I immediately sat down at my computer and discovered a little music news story that made my night. It said The Dismemberment Plan played a show at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery and performed what amounted to EIGHT new songs. To make things even better, frontman Travis Morrison took to Facebook to explain things. In a nutshell he said that after playing those new songs, the band is going back into their “lab” to work on some more. Right now there are no set plans to record, but it’s certainly being discussed. So it looks like we’ll be getting a new D-Plan record sometime in the future. That news alone is good enough for me, though if we get several years down the road and nothing happens (like Kevin Shields promising a new My Bloody Valentine record) then I’ll be impatient and upset. When the band first reunited in 2011, they said there were zero plans to make new music or a new record, but that they’d “take it day to day” and figure things out in time. With Morrison’s post-Dismembermen Plan records getting hated on consistently and his 2009 announcement that he was “retiring” from music, the remarkable success of this reunion must have provided him with a new lease on the rock star life. It makes sense that he and the rest of the band want more. If their output now is as good as their output from 10-15 years ago, we’re absolutely in for a treat. Want to see a bunch of the new songs performed live from that show over the weekend? Simply go here to watch six of them on YouTube. Great stuff. Also great is this Monday edition of Pick Your Poison. I’ll advise checking out tracks from Agents of Change, Cars & Trains, Eraas, Lindstrom, METZ, Nat Lyon, Poor Moon and Talibam!. In the Soundcloud section, I will recommend that you stream every single track in there, from Airbird (aka Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin) to The Darkness (covering Radiohead) to Matthew Dear and beyond.

Agents of Change – Chicago Got Me Sweatin’

Alameda – Summer Dharma

Cars & Trains – Nations

Diamond Messages – The Look

Eraas – Briar Path

Francisco the Man – Tiger

Jennah Barry – The Coast

Kraak & Smaak – Forget About You (ft. Lee Fields (Valeron Remix)

Krink – Here I Come

Lindstrom – Rà-àkõ-st

METZ – Headache

Midnight Magic & Tommie Sunshine – I Found Love (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix)

Nat Lyon – LCRV

Poor Moon – Birds

Slam Donahue – Bug in the Sun

Talibam! – It’s A Tough Day, Hard Day

Vonnegutt – Fresh Like Me (ft. Mic Terror)


Airbird – Long Lake

Beacon – Feeling’s Gone

Buke & Gase – Misshaping Introduction

The Darkness – Street Spirit (Radiohead cover)

Hooray For Earth – Never

Matthew Dear – Earthforms