It’s a holiday week in America, and that typically means one thing: fewer new music releases. On Tuesdays I like to give you the rundown of what’s new out there so you can make an informed decision about what to spend your money on. This week sees new records from Easter Island, Chicago’s own Gold Motel, Johnny Hickman, Joshua Hyslop, Mum and Parlovr. Nothing too significant, but I promise you a couple of those records are more than decent. As for today’s Pick Your Poison, might I recommend tracks from Angel Haze, Denver, The Dust Engineers, Jenee Halstead, Tilly & the Wall and The Ugly Club. In the Soundcloud section you might be interested to stream tracks from James Iha and Lavender Diamond.

Angel Haze – New York

Binary – Modern Man (Atari Teenage Riot Remix)

Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Only Dream You

David Bowie – Space Oddity (The Golden Pony Remix)

Denver – The Way It Is

Drop the Lime – Outlaws

The Dust Engineers – So American

Gatekeeper – Tree Drum (Pre-Gen Exo Mix)

Indian Wells – Wimbledon 1980

Jenee Halstead – So Far, So Fast

Lightouts – The Big Picture

Nü Sensae – Swim

A Silent Film – Echoes Across A Bowl of Tears

Tilly & the Wall – Love Riot

The Ugly Club – David Foster Wallace

Wax Mannequin – Don’t Want to Go


Catch Wild – Star

James Iha – To Who Knows Where

Keaton Henson – To Your Health

La Shark – Mr Modern Man

Lavender Diamond – Oh My Beautiful World

Nuthin’ Under A Million – Above the Pharaohs