While I sit back and recover from too much BBQ yesterday, let’s take care of a couple points of business. First up, this is the weekly reminder that the Faronheit Facebook page exists, and you might want to pop over and “Like” it if you’re not feeling too turned off by the mere suggestion. No pressure, I’m just trying to deliver the best content possible over there to help make it worth the 2 seconds it took you to click. Secondly, I like to mention sometimes if a band being featured in Pick Your Poison has an upcoming tour date in Chicago. That’s the case with Aktar Aktar, who will be performing at Subterranean on Friday, July 20th with Secret Colours (who I’ve also featured on here a couple times). Should be a great show, and you can buy tickets for $10 by clicking here. Listen/download the Aktar Aktar song below too – it’s pretty good. Other pretty good stuff comes from Careful, Easter Island, Le Youth, Peelander Z, Slow Dancing Society and Wildlife Control. Oh, and I’d like to thank the multiple (random) people that emailed me about The Ludlow Thieves this week. I don’t know if they’re trying some grassroots marketing campaign or if it was sheer coincidence that 3 non-PR strangers felt the need to “get in touch” all at once, but in any case they’re a band with plenty of support and listening to the track below I can kind of understand why. In the Soundcloud section, stream some great tracks from Dead Can Dance, Fang Island and Woods. Lykke Li’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” is perhaps the best thing I’ve heard from the upcoming tribute record so far. Don’t miss it.

Aktar Aktar – Both Young and Wild

Babajaga – Caravan

Body Language – You Can (Live)

Careful – It’s Funny

The Delmore Schwartz – Best Friend

D-R-U-N-K – Sexvox

Easter Island – Independence

High Pines – All Around
High Pines – I Haven’t Seen It All

Le Youth – Memories

The Ludlow Thieves – To Travel

Lushes – Harsh

Peelander Z – Get Glasses

Slow Dancing Society – I’ll Leave A Light On

The Stowaways – Changing Times

Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital


Dead Can Dance – Amnesia

Echodrone – Under An Impressive Sky

Fang Island – Seek it Out

I Am Harlequin – Craze

Lykke Li – Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Woods – Cali In A Cup