I’m super busy preparing for a glorious weekend at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival (a href=”https://faronheit.com/tag/pitchfork-music-festival-2012/”>coverage here), but before I simply toss this Pick Your Poison at you, I’d like to quickly mention that my Class of 2012 artist Azealia Banks has a brand new mixtape out called Fantasea. I haven’t listened to it yet, but if you’d like to (and you should), download it for free by clicking this link. Okay, now we’ll do Pick Your Poison. In this set, pay close attention to mp3s from Chelsea Light Moving, Daddy Lion, Husky, Jonathan Byerley, Limb, My Great Ghost, TEEN and Videoing.

the bilinda butchers – Crystal Tears

Buttonhead – Champion Bread

Chelsea Light Moving – Groovy and Linda

Cult of Youth – Man and Man’s Ruin

Daddy Lion – Disconnected

EDH – Ramble (Subtitle Remix)

Husky – Tidal Wave

Jonathan Byerley – Catherine in the Grass

King of Spain – Motions


M83 – Midnight City (Meridian Club Mix)

My Great Ghost – Photograph

Sticky Stockholm – Dual Threat

TEEN – Electric

Videoing – Driver’s River


Gitar – Eyes Of The World

Miner – Golden Ocean

Panoramic & True – A Week of Good Health

The Reserve – When I Was Young

Teengirl Fantasy – End

Twin River – Can’t Keep This Alive