Welcome to a brand new week, friends. I’m going to make this introduction short and sweet today, because big things are afoot here on the site. It’s Pitchfork Music Festival week, and I’m doing my best to keep you as informed and up-to-date with all the comings and goings of one of Chicago’s finest (if not THE finest) music festivals. In addition to the regular dose of Pick Your Poison today, I’ll be posting a collection of mp3s and song streams from every artist on this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival lineup. The hope is that you’ll get some sort of education about artists on the bill you may not have heard of before, even if that dose is 3 minutes long. So enjoy that, as the next few days leading into Friday will be consumed with day-by-day previews of what artists to see. As to the official business at hand concerning Pick Your Poison today, please enjoy some great songs from CutWires, Debo Band, Feedtime, Frank Ocean, Golden Retriever, Memoryhouse, mum, and State Broadcasters.

Cantoreggi – Young Guns (ft. XOV)

CutWires – Come to Pass

Debo Band – And Lay

Feedtime – Rock n Roll

Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

Golden Retriever – Serene Velocity

La Chansons – Candy Party (Lost in a Dream Mix)

Mad Planet – Pieces of You

Memoryhouse – Walk With Me

múm – 0,000Orð

Pegasus Dream – In Absentia
Pegasus Dream – Oxen Free

Ryan Traster – Cruel Love
Ryan Traster – As We Go Up, We Go Down (Guided By Voices cover)

Shecats – Christ Air

State Broadcasters – Trespassers


Aiden Grimshaw – Curtain Call (II Figures Remix)

Ayanami – Crash and Burn

Barny Carter – Park

Bombay Bicycle Club – Beg (Tom Moulton Mix)

Fabulous Diamonds – Lothario

Heart of Hearts – Candling