Usually I save this for Friday, but given my penchant for mixing things up a bit on occasion, let’s talk about it now. All of the site’s social media links are on the upper right corner of the page, but I’ve been working especially hard to generate some “Likes” over on the good ‘ol Facebook page. Twitter’s doing well, as is site traffic, but things have been progressing slowly at Facebook since I started the page a couple months back. So I’m going to keep mentioning it once a week until it’s doing well too. There’s extra, exclusive content over on Facebook too, including music videos I like and Spotify playlists I create. Just sayin’. I’m also just sayin’ today’s Pick Your Poison is solid. There are some pretty damn good tracks up for download from Emily Hane White, Fires, The Inner Banks, Mission of Burma, Mrs Magician, and North Atlantic Drift. Stream songs in the Soundcloud section from Lantern, Mika and Passion Pit, along with A-Trak’s remix of Justice.

Chilljren – You Got It

Dots Will Echo – I’m A Monkey

Emily Jane White – Oh Katherine

Esperi – Silo the Fire

Fires – Blood On Black

Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

The Inner Banks – Box and Crown

Jhameel – Let’s Run Away

Jon Sandler – Late Night Champ

Mission of Burma – Second Television

Mrs Magician – Fools Paradise

North Atlantic Drift – Waiting in the Afterglow

Rah Rah – I Could Tell You I’m Sorry

The Sometime Boys – Summer Solstice

Tiger! Tiger! – Cut Them Where They Bleed

White Light Parade – Want You to Know (Is Tropical Remix)


Justice – New Lands (A-Trak Remix)

Lantern – Out of Our Heads

Mika – Make You Happy

Passion Pit – I’ll Be Alright

Society – All That We’ve Become

Tan Sister Radio – Flashing Vents