The last few weeks I’ve been saving this mention for Fridays, but in an effort to get out ahead of it (and because I love today’s set of mp3s) I’ll tell you now. It’s been a short bit since I started the Faronheit Facebook page, and for how much traffic this site does plus my Twitter feed, that Facebook page certainly seems lacking in “Like”s. You certainly don’t have to commit to the site via every social media platform you use, but I do like to try and post a few extras and exclusives in each of this site’s many arms to keep you engaged and engorged with content. So manage your clicks however you want, just know that I’m trying to enhance and educate at every turn. I hope you feel that’s a worthwhile pursuit. For example, today’s Pick Your Poison. There are some great highlights including tracks from Best Practices, Delicate Steve, The Imagineers (who are on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson all week live from Scotland), Letterist, My Great Ghost, The Tallest Man on Earth, Total Warr and Violens. New tracks from HEALTH and The Walkmen make the Soundcloud streaming section worth a look today too.

Best Practices – Future Cougar

Brooklyn Horseman – Hold Me

Capitol 6 – Cold Ride

Delicate Steve – Two Lovers

Foster the People – Call It What You Want (Ron Flieger Remix)

Hands and Knees – Dreamt

The Imagineers – The Legend of John the Terror (Notorious)

Kalen Nash – White Oak

Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile (Seasfire Remix)

Letterist – Five Alarm

Little,Big – Best Death Party

My Great Ghost – Plain Sight

Of the Opera – Lost in the Ravine

The Tallest Man on Earth – 1904

Total Warr – xxx HATE xxx

Violens – Totally True

Yournalist – Fast Lane


Auto Body – Holding Out

Flight Facilities – With You (ft. Grovesnor)

HEALTH – Tears

Ms Mr – Hurricane

The Sexual Outlaws – I Made A Promise

The Walkmen – The House You Made