On occasion I like to give a brief reminder for the uninitiated as to what Pick Your Poison is all about. In a nutshell, the idea behind Pick Your Poison is to provide everyone with the chance to discover their new favorite artists. While I could carefully curate this large list of songs down to about 2-3 each day, who am I to tell you what to like? I listen to everything that gets sent my way, but just because something sounds good to my ears doesn’t mean it’ll sound as good to yours. On the flip side to that, I might hate a song that you love. Different strokes for different folks. So I hope you test and sample these mp3s and audio streams and discover something new and great, whether I recommend it or not. Today’s highlights include tracks from Anna Ternheim, Black Manila, Homelife, Howth, The Sights, Sophie Auster, and The Stanleys. In the Soundcloud section, be sure to stream tracks from Blaqstarr, DIIV (formerly known as DIVE), and Is And Of The.

Anna Ternheim – Walking Aimlessly

Black Manila – England

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (Shook Remix)

D.evolution.Aires – Age in Numbers

Homelife – Viewfinder

Howth – Only Right Turns

PAWS – Misled Youth

Scout – Under Attack/Have I Said Enough Remix

Siddhartha – Diamond Dust

The Sights – Fool

Sophie Auster – Wicked Word

Soso – I Never Thought You’d Come in Summer

The Stanleys – Always

Stereofunk – Senseless

Warships – Sleeper Hold


Blaqstarr – She Is Love

DIIV – Doused

The Island of Misfit Toys – Beginnings of a Beard

Is And Of The – The Past Inside The Present

Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

Vulfmon – Wait For It