Ah, good ‘ol Friday. I seem to recall not being too psyched about the impending weekend last week. I think I was in some sort of funk. I took a trip to New York and it threw my whole schedule and lifestyle out of whack. I did get to visit with family and do copious amounts of drinking though, so those were the positives. It’s nice this weekend to get back to normal though. For me that means plenty of movies, couch time, alcohol and seeing friends. I wonder how I’ll feel about all that 10 years from now. It’s great for the time being, I say. Before you head out for some equally ambitious fun, let’s tackle this edition of Pick Your Poison together. I’ll recommend tracks from Blackchords, Enola Fall, Holograms, Lunic, SUnglasses, VHS or BETA, and Videoing. You also probably don’t want to miss streaming songs from Mystery Jets and Summer Camp in the Soundcloud section.

Blackchords – Dance Dance Dance

Blind Benny – No Honor

California Wives – Marianne

The Child of Lov – Heal (Demo)

Dearling Physique – Terrible Mind

Enola Fall – Andromeda

Fixers – Crystals (Memory Tapes Remix)

Holograms – Chasing My Mind

Hypnosis Ghosts – Erase Yourself

Infantree – Fibber

Jon Lindsay – Vapor

Lunic – Far Away

Sunglasses – Swim

Teepee – Time Meant Nothing

Two Wounded Birds – To Be Young

VHS or BETA – Eyes Dub

Videoing – Night Watch


The Dig – I Already Forgot Everything You Said

Elspeth – Quick Exit

Eyrensis – Taipe

Mystery Jets – Greatest Hits

Summer Camp – Life

Tashaki Miyaki – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (Father John Misty cover)