Music fans, may I remind you that this Saturday is a very, very important day. Once a year (technically speaking…let’s ignore part deux in November), much hype is made about trekking out to your local independent record store and buying something. It is the phenomenon we otherwise know as Record Store Day. To help inspire you to actually get out to your local store, many labels and artists have planned for exclusive releases to be available for that one day only. Additional details, along with the list of Record Store Day exclusives, can be found very easily at Have a look at the list, find something amazing to buy, and then wake up before your local record store opens and try to pick it up before it gets wiped out. The last couple years I’ve waited in 45 minute lines out the door of Reckless Records in Chicago trying to get some good stuff. Typically I only get one or two things out of the dozen or so I really desire, either because there were so few copies created or everyone else got to them before me. Still, it’s a fun time, a great way to meet some real music fans, and a great way to support brick and mortar independent record stores. Don’t forget! This Saturday, April 21st! In the here and now, today’s Pick Your Poison recommendations are for tracks from Coke Weed, The Doc Marshalls, Hot Panda, Phoebe Jean & The Air Force, and Twin Cabins. In the Soundcloud section you’d be wise to stream songs from Dead Mellotron and Win Win. Amtrac’s remix of Chromatics is solid too.

Being There – Since I… (Tobin Sprout cover)

Björn Kleinhenz – Leipzig Lover

Coke Weed – Jimmy

The Doc Marshalls – Here They Come

Fixers – Crystals

Hot Panda – Future Markets

The Inner Banks – Ana Peru

Monster Rally – Jaguar

Phoebe Jean & The Air Force – Day Is Gone

Sexytime – Lost in Translation

Twin Cabins – I’m Sure

Two Suns – A Thousand Times

Üni Foreman – Cooper

White Lung – Take the Mirror


Blondfire – Hide And Seek

Chromatics – Birds of Paradise (Amtrac Remix)

Coves – Cast A Shadow

Dead Mellotron – Making Up

Leopard of Honour – Gas Giants

Win Win – Walls (Crass cover)