Wednesdays are the one day every week where I like to remind everyone that Faronheit has a Facebook page. It’s there as just another way for you to find out about content on this site without actually having to visit. I’m also working hard on ideas for extra content like music videos and such you’ll be able to check out that wouldn’t otherwise appear here on the site. So I encourage you to log onto Facebook and the site’s page and click the “Like” button. I know I’d very much appreciate it. As for your daily dose of Pick Your Poison mp3s, there’s plenty to like and appreciate here too. Be sure to check out and download songs from Aesop Rock, Black Lips, The Creepy Crawlies, The Sanctuaries, Spank Rock as remixed by Shabazz Palaces, and Torche. In the Soundcloud section, you’ll want to stream songs from Airbird, Clams Casino’s remix of Joyce, and Storms OV Jupiter.

Aesop Rock – Zero Dark Thirty

Anthony Da Costa – St. Therese

Bijan – Molly

Black Lips – Dance With You

The Creepy Crawlies – Mollie the Maggot Part II

Dorsh – The Mulatto (Afrodite)

Josefina Sanner – Don’t Stop

Lost Lander – Afraid of Summer
Lost Lander – Cold Feet

The Sanctuaries – Soft Crime

Spank Rock – Car Song (ft. Santigold) (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

TalkFine – Water’s Gettin’ Too Hot

Terrible Feelings – Intruders

Torche – Kicking


Airbird – Goodnight

Joyce – Keep The Lights On (Clams Casino Remix)

Mombi – Time Goes

My Tiger My Timing – Wasteland

Shields – All I Know

Storms OV Jupiter – Dying Screams Of An Imploding Star