A couple quick points of business for you this Thursday. First up, consider this your weekly reminder that Faronheit has a Facebook page. I’m starting to post some extra content like videos and random songs that I love, in addition to the normal feed of what gets posted here on the site. Go check it out, click the “Like” button if you would, and I’ll love you forever. Secondly, I want to make a mention about a specific track in today’s Pick Your Poison. Those with keen eyes will notice that Mr. Tom Jones has slipped into today’s pile. Before you react weirdly to it, I just wanted to justify its presence here. In a nutshell, I wouldn’t hesitate to post a Tom Waits mp3 in this list, so it stands to reason that Tom Jones covering Tom Waits holds up too. So that’s just a little FYI in case you were wondering. Oh, and Tom Jones does a surprisingly decent job with the Tom Waits song too. I don’t know if I can fully recommend it, but you may want to check it out, should curiosity get the best of you. Things I’ll definitely recommend today come from Beast Make Bomb, Carina Round, Exray’s, The High Strung and North Lakes. In the Soundcloud section there’s some great streams of songs from Kindness and Mogwai, along with a pretty dope Current Value remix of Bjork’s “Solstice”.

Anchorless – Hammett’s Fiction

Beast Make Bomb – Coney Island

Carina Round – Girl and the Ghost

Efren – The Woods and the Wild

Exray’s – Ancient Thing

The High Strung – ?Posible o’ Imposible?

Jonka – Every Other Day

No Ceremony/// – Heartbreaker

North Lakes – Grab Me By the Lapel

Sunmonx – Parma Panorama

Talibam! – Step Into the Marina

Tom Jones – Bad As Me (Tom Waits cover)

UMA – Drop Your Soul (ft. Silver Apples)

Visions of Trees – Turn 2U (Plant Plants Remix)


Bjork – Solstice (Current Value Remix)

Idjut Boys – One For Kenny

Kindness – House

Laurence and the Slab Boys – Mushroom

Mogwai – Earth Division

Sylver Tongue – Creatures