On the record, I hate allergy season. Pollen counts are at dangerously high levels across much of the country right now, and those of us with allergies are suffering because of it. I’ve been a sloppy, congested mess all week long and am none too happy about it. I’m grateful that I’m not one of those hay fever-type people, sneezing like I just fell into a mountain of pepper, but it’s still sheer frustration of trying to keep my airways clear for an extended period of time. If you’ve got allergies, I hope you’re faring better than me through this time of year. Thankfully my ears are working just fine, and I hope yours are too for the sake of today’s Pick Your Poison. There are some strong tracks today from Anabot, Cheers Elephant, Deep Time, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Elisa Luu, Modern Time Machines, Sonreal and Warm Weather. In the Soundcloud section there’s plenty worth streaming too, with tracks from Friends, The Paper Jets, and Simian Mobile Disco.

Anabot – I Am Not Afraid of the Dark

Apollo Ghosts – What Are Your Influences?

Black Dots – French Thieves

Cheers Elephant – Falling Out

David Ramos – Digital Memory

Deep Time – Clouds

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – My Mind Is Broken

Elisa Luu – Se fosse per me

Garrison Starr – Between the Devil’s Rain and A Dying Language

Modern Time Machines – Lucky Lady

Picture Book – Sunshine (June Miller Remix)

Shake Aletti – Lights & Sparks (Mighty Mouse Dub)

Sonreal – Alone

Warm Weather – So Far/Vertigo

Zoon Van Snook – Sculptress


Friends – Mind Control

Housse de Racket – ‘Til I Die (DIY Version)

The Paper Jets – Cooking Up an Accident

Porter Robinson – Language

Radio Radio – Sunrise/All Inclusive War Tour (feat. Poncho French)

Simian Mobile Disco – Put Your Hands Together