Did anyone watch The Simpsons last night? As a hardcore acolyte that has seen every episode of the show more times than I care to count, the big surprise in last night’s new episode was the use of music from Hot Chip and Animal Collective. There have been plenty of bands and music used on the show across its many, many seasons, however I think this is the first time that two prominent indie artists got extensive play on the show. One can only hope they got a new music supervisor and that there will be much more of that sort of stuff in future episodes. Catch a little bit of Hot Chip’s “Boy From School” in this preview for the full episode, and then hear Animal Collective’s “Winter’s Love” via this video clip. I love it when the worlds of my favorite TV shows and my favorite music collide. Also great on last night’s TV and music combo, the smart/emotional use of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” at the end of the latest episode of HBO’s Girls. I’m not an aforementioned girl, however, the moment in combination with the song really spoke to me. Well done. Okay, enough about that, let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison. Allow me to point out some notable tracks from Alan Watts, Blues Control, Clare and the Reasons, JOhnny Hickman, Monster Rally, Wind Up Radio Sessions, and Wrinkle Neck Mules. Also check out remixes from GRVRBBRS (tackling Active Child), Young Galaxy (tackling Adam & the Amethysts), and Shuttle aka Nate from Passion Pit (tackling Bright Moments). In the Soundcloud section you definitely don’t want to miss streaming a new song from PS I Love You.

Active Child – Hanging On (GRVRBBRS Remix)

Adam & the Amethysts – Dreaming (Young Galaxy Remix)

Alan Doyle – Where the Nightingales Sing

Alan Watts – Africa Bats

Ami Saraiya & the Outcome – I’m Pregnant

Blues Control – Iron Pigs

Bright Moments – Tourists (Shuttle Remix)

Christopher Paul Stelling – Writhing in Shambles

Clare and the Reasons – The Lake

Fossil Collective – The Power of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover)

Gottfried Beyer – Uhura

Johnny Hickman – Measure of a Man

Major Lazer – Get Free (Nolan Gray Remix)

Monster Rally – Honey

My Brightest Diamond – Reaching Through to the Other Side (Vincent Stockholm Remix)

Rah Rah – Little Poems

Trick Shooter Social Club – Powder Blue

Wind Up Radio Sessions – Little Bird

Wrinkle Neck Mules – When the Wheels Touch Down


PS I Love You – Don’t Go

Revl9n – Divine Wind

Rita Ora – R.I.P. (Gregor Salto Remix)