How was your weekend? Great, I hope. I want to take this Monday to give a brief shout out to something I rarely talk about on this site: sports. Specifically, Chicago sports. With the Blackhawks trying (and failing) to continue their run for the Stanley Cup this year, it’s important to note a couple big things happening on other teams in town. Like how the Bulls are hopefully going to finish first in the Eastern Conference. But really, above all else, something huge happened over the weekend, and I hope people both in and outside of Chicago can appreciate it: Chicago White Sox pitcher Phil Humber threw a perfect game over the weekend. It was only the 21st perfect game in this history of Major League Baseball. This is a huge deal. A pitcher throwing a no-hitter is very impressive too, but the perfect game is probably the greatest thing any single pitcher can do in a career. So a congratulations to Phil Humber on such a great feat, and equally so for being very humble and nice about it. Okay, no more sports talk for awhile. Let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll recommend tracks from Candidate, Don’t Talk to the Cops, Flosstradamus, The M Machine, Mohn, Swansea and Wool. The John Cale and Theophilus London remixes are good too. In the Soundcloud section, be sure to stream tracks from Kidstreet and Sonny & the Sunsets.

Candidate – April Again

Don’t Talk to the Cops – Tattoo My Name

Evokateur – 1684

Flosstradamus – Rollup

Frank Rabeyrolles – Instant Love

In Golden Tears – Underneath the Balance (Foxkit Remix)

Jjanice+ – Aleas

John Cale – Perfection (Actress’ Reflection Remix)

La Chansons – Love Dream

The M Machine – Faces

Mohn – Saturn

Orpheum Bell – Whatever Shines So Bright

Swansea – A Light While She Sleeps

Theophilus London – Love Is Real (Fred Falke Remix)

Wool – Pillows
Wool – Rehabilitate It


Baio – Tanto (ft. Matias Aguayo)

Black Light Dinner Party – Leave It All

Ex Cops – You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb (Original Dram Session)

The Housekeeping Society – Ghosts

Kidstreet – Out Loud

Sonny & The Sunsets – Pretend You Love Me