To Christians of a certain belief system, I wish you a Good Friday. To those of the Jewish faith, I wish you a Happy Passover. To everyone else, enjoy this otherwise normal day of the week. Go see the new American Reunion movie or something. I’m pretty sure fucking pies has nothing to do with any religion (that I know of). Also, how about taking advantage of some free music? That’s something people of all races and religions can agree on. Today’s Pick Your Poison is a nice set of songs to kick off your Easter weekend. The collaboration between A-Trak, Mark Foster & Kimbra is something to download, as is the holiday appropriate band name of Easter Island, plus tracks from Lioness, Ourlives, Racing Heart, ex-Shins band Sad Baby Wolf, Two People Playing Music, and XOV. Have fun with colored eggs this weekend, and I’ll check in on your candy coma on Monday.

A-Trak, Mark Foster & Kimbra – Warrior

Brendan Losch – Son of a Gun

Easter Island – Hash

Ellis Islands – Broad Street

Feature Cuts – Hello My Love

The Sun The Moon The Stars – Flesh of the Gods

Giant Claw – Dream Love

Lioness – The Night

Modern Time Machine – Lucky Lady

Ourlives – Where is the Way?

Paper & Places – To Berlin

The Plastic Pals – Leave It Till Tomorrow

Racing Heart – Emma

Sad Baby Wolf – Everything Is (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)

Theophilus London – Lighthouse (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix)

Two People Playing Music – Beehive

Work Drugs – Lisbon Teeth

XOV – Angels Calling


The Cast Of Cheers – Animals

Miami Rick – Sea Turtle Heaven

Paije Richardson – Just Like Yesterday