I hope you had a grand weekend. Welcome to Monday, the stuff of workplace nightmares. To help you prepare for the five day battle, let’s jump right in and talk about today’s Pick Your Poison. Be sure to get your download on for tracks by Amanda Mair, Big Baby Gandhi, Dot Hacker, Mr. Gnome, Diplo’s remix of PO PO, Prevrat, Tortelsen, Tyburn Saints and The Voyeurist. That’s all the effort I can muster up for you on a day like today. We’ll talk more tomorrow.

Amanda Mair – Sense

Big Baby Gandhi – Blue Magic (ft. Das Racist)

Bonfire Nights – Own Worst Enemy

The Diamond Center – Caraway

Dot Hacker – Inhibition

James Apollo – Two By Two

James & Evander – Let’s Go

Maundrie Fox – I Miss

Mr. Gnome – The Way

PO PO – Let’s Get Away (Diplo Remix)

Power Brothers – A Friend Amongst the Clouds

Prevrat – With Our Eyes Closed

Roomdance – Duncan Idaho

Sunmonx – Pickle

Talibam! – Step Into the Marina

Torkelsen – Markjordbaer

Tyburn Saints – Broken Bottles

The Voyeurist – Chase(R)

Whitehorse – Killing Time Is Murder


Angie Ripe – Why Is It

Beat Connection – Think/Feel (ft. Chelsey Scheffe)

The Rocketboys – Bloodless

Seye – White Noise