Another Friday, another short and sweet, get-to-the-point Pick Your Poison post. I’m anxious to try a new experiment with friends, inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother. The grand plan is to get drunk at a bar, then go play laser tag. Sure, it’s been like 10 years since any of us played laser tag, but we’re reappropriating a childhood source of fun into something decidedly more adult. Hopefully some teenage “laser marshall” doesn’t put the brakes on this little fun experiment by forbidding people to play while intoxicated. We’ll see how it goes. As for today’s Pick Your Poison, there’s plenty to like in this set, including tracks from The D.A., Field Report, Fixers, Twin Cabins and Volcanoes. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget CFCF’s remix of Elite Gymnastics. There are new songs up for streaming in the Soundcloud section from Maximo Park, Reptar and Van She, all of which are worth your time as well. Have a great weekend!

Andy Kuncl – In Your Arms

Brodie Lumsden – Undertow

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court

The D.A. – We Hungry

The Dig – Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground

Elite Gymnastics – h e r e, i n h e a v e n 4 & 5 (CFCF Remix)

Field Report – I Am Not Waiting Anymore
Field Report – Fergus Falls

Fixers – Another Lost Apache

Flosstradamus – Hood Fantasy

Huoratron – New Wave of Mutilation

Julia Stone – Let’s All Forget All the Things That We Say (Oliver Tank Remix)

Twin Cabins – Cool Kids

Video Love – Le Bruit des Machines

Volcanoes – With Black Gloves


kindlewood – Give & Take

LCTRISC – Please Wait On Yourself

Maximo Park – The National Health

Reptar – Orifice Origami

Steve Fentriss – Before I Give In

Van She – Idea Of Happiness