In an ideal world, I’ll have provided at least a couple of strongly worded updates as to what’s been happening at SXSW. As I’ve written this a few days in advance, I have no idea if that’s true. Check the home page for that sort of information. I’ve got a good feeling there will be something there if you’re seeking dispatches from Austin. Otherwise have a glance at my Twitter feed for the most up-to-date information. Things get back to normal on Monday, so thanks for bearing with me. Please enjoy this Friday edition of Pick Your Poison as sustenance to feed your music needs. I’ll recommend tracks from Attaque, Beneath Wind and Waves, David Ramos, I Am Oak, Joywave and SLEEVES. In the Soundcloud section there’s some great new songs from Gossip and Lotus Plaza for your streaming pleasure. Have a great weekend and we’ll catch up on Monday.

Aaron Mark Brown – We’ll Sleep in the Morning Sun

Änimal – Serenity

Anne Malin – Armageddon Heart

Attaque – Shadows

Beneath Wind and Waves – God Said

Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – American Girl

David Ramos – Hollow Days

I Am Oak – Gliss

Joywave – Anemone

K.I.D.S! – Junk

Long Distance Runners – Election Day

Roadkill Ghost Choir – In the Lion’s Mouth

SLEEVES – My Best Friend


Dance Hall Pimps – Wrong Guy Baby

Goldtrip – Lion’s Den

Gossip – Perfect World

Lotus Plaza – Strangers

One Era – Do You Want It

Sean Anonymous – Fast Forward