Happy Ash Wednesday to you and yours, and if that’s not your thing, hopefully the fact that it’s also National Margarita Day entices you just as much. Today is a little bit of a sad day for the music world, as last night we found out that Women guitarist Christopher Reimer died in his sleep. He was 26 years old. Women have essentially been on a hiatus these last couple years after they fistfought one another in the middle of a show. Still, they put out two damn good records and I was always holding out hope they’d patch things up and start making music again. With Reimer gone that seems less likely than ever. I’d like to offer my condolences to his family and to his bandmates, who in spite of their differences must be putting those aside for at least a little bit. Now let’s get to today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. I’ll advise you to check out tracks from BBU, Ceremony, Ducky, Inca Gold, JD Samson + MEN, Sauna, Sonoi, U.S. Elevator and Violens.

BBU – Please No Pictures (ft. Das Racist)
BBU – Beau Sia

Brian Larsen – Frozen

Ceremony – Adult

Damon Moon & the Whispering Drifters – Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams

The Danvilles – Seemed So Easy

Ducky – Overdose

Inca Gold – Emergency Talks

JD Samson + MEN – Next

Now, Now – Thread

Pulpa – Min Kniv

Sauna – Wanting You

Seun Kuti – The Good Leaf (Spoek Mothambo Remix)

Sonoi – Cotton

U.S. Elevator – All Through the Night

Violens – Unfolding Black Wings


Addison Groove – Savage Henry

The District Attorneys – Confusion of Trust

EJ – Mama, I’m Gonna Sing (Pete Tong Remix)

One Finger Riot – Fever

Pepper – Happy Girl (Acoustic)

The Shamefaced Sparrows – Murder In The Dollhouse (Demo)