I want to take a moment, on this start to February and Black History Month, to pay tribute to a man that meant a lot of things to a lot of people. Mr. Don Cornelius, a long-time Chicagoan and the creator of the legendary TV show “Soul Train”, was found dead this morning at age 75, reportedly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. While I was too young to have ever fully experienced the impact “Soul Train” has had on our culture, I was aware of the show and even caught portions of the occasional rerun on TV during my childhood. But Don Cornelius impacted me in a pretty unique way, too. This past September he returned to Chicago for a special 40th Anniversary celebration honoring “Soul Train”. There was a concert that took place at Millennium Park featuring a number of the bands that were frequent guests on the show, and the City of Chicago named a street Don Cornelius Way. Just hours before that celebration, I had the chance to sit down and interview the legendary host about his legacy and the legacy of the show. I found him to be a class act, and effortlessly cool. We spoke for about 10 minutes, and when our time was up, he shook my hand and with a glint in his eye said, “You da man.” Without even thinking, I instinctively responded, “No, you da man.” He instantly let out a hearty chuckle. That’s the way that I choose to remember Don Cornelius – as a guy who charmed me the way he’d charmed millions all those years hosting “Soul Train”, and who, at 75 years young, could look back on his life and be proud of what he’d accomplished. What drove him to take his own life, we’ll probably never really know. I have an enormous respect for the man, and hope his impact continues to be felt for decades to come. Below is today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. I’ll place the spotlight onto tracks from Bowerbirds, Callers & Delicate Steve, Cherub, The Big Pink’s remix of Ladyhawke, The Mary Onettes, Shearwater and Teen Daze.

2morrows Victory – Paralles

Alan Wilkis – Shadow (ft. Lyrics Born and White Hinterland)

Bowerbirds – In the Yard

The Boxing Lesson – Better Daze

Callers & Delicate Steve – Further Out

Cherub – Doses and Mimosas

Emily Wells – Passenger

Ladyhawke – Black, White and Blue (The Big Pink Remix)

The Mary Onettes – Love’s Taking Strange Ways

Nabiha – Deep Sleep

Shearwater – Whipping Boy

Teen Daze – Brooklyn Sunburn

Tennis Bafra – Halal Haircut

Two Suns – Not the End

The Young Things – Dead End Street (The Kinks cover)


Bon Accord – Human Heat

The Brute Chorus – My Testament

The Fades – Meccano

Fox the Cat – All I Need

Goldroom – Angeles

Pond – Moth Wings