Happy Valentines Day to you and yours. I hope you’re steeped in love today if you’re in a relationship, and I hope everything goes well and as planned. If you’re single like me, while we’re forced to deal with all the romance of a day such as today, we can freely self-medicate with alcohol or ice cream and not feel as guilty about it. Really there’s positives about this day for everyone. And hey, there are even a couple of Valentines Day-themed songs being featured in today’s Pick Your Poison set. Please be most fully aware that the Charli XCX song, which the girl is amazing and part of my Class of 2012, that will only be available for a short while longer. If you’re reading this and are no longer able to download that mp3, well, apologies. She said she was only going to leave it up for download for the day. The other stuff hopefully sticks around for longer. I’ll recommend tracks from Casey Shea, Fenster, Howth, I Am Oak, Minarets, Spirit Animal, Sun Glitters and Voltaire Twins. In the Soundcloud section please enjoy streaming songs from Apparat and Ex Norwegian, among others.

Arian Saleh – Underhill

Casey Shea – Let It Slide

Charli XCX – Valentine

Fenster – Fantasy II

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Spacebrother Remix)

Howth – Wind Blows Cold

I Am Oak – Gills

Mighty Mouse – Smiling Faces

Minarets – The Tide

Octavion X – Only One You’ve Got

Soso – My Women My Guitars (Cody ChesnuTT cover)

Spirit Animal – Crocodile Skins

StoneRider – Trigger Happy

Sun Glitters – It Takes Me

Tic Tic Boom! – For Feeling

Two Suns – Time Again

Voltaire Twins – Animalia


Apparat – Candil De La Calle

Ex Norwegian – Original Copy

Kotki Dwa – Poison

Mondkopf – Ease Your Pain