Have you been watching this season of “Portlandia”? I ask because I feel it is important viewing. So many things about the show capture that great Portland vibe that even if you’ve never been there simply watching an episode can teach you so much. It truly is one of the most unique cities in the world, and it’s also understandable as to why so much great music comes out of there. My brother lived in Portland for about a year as he was transferred there for work, and not being attuned to the little idiosynchrasies he spent much of his time weirded out by the experience. I went and visited him a couple times and loved every second. I’d move there if I were given a reason to. But I guess one of the main things I wanted to mention about “Portlandia” in addition to how the city is one of the main characters in the show, is how genuinely funny and inspired it is. It airs on IFC and truly captures that independent spirit within parts of sketch comedy. And to have Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag teamed up with “Saturday Night Live” cast member/ex-musician Fred Armisen just plays well off one another. Guest stars with everyone from Jeff Goldblum to Eddie Vedder to Isaac Brock to Annie Clark also contributes to the fun. If you watch the show already though, I’m telling you all things you already know. Sorry about that, I get a little carried away from time to time. I just wanted to make mention of how much I enjoy it every week. Not many episodes are left this season, so be sure to watch on Friday nights at 10p/9c on IFC. Public Service Announcement over. Pick Your Poison today is rather enjoyable too. I’ll give a thumbs up to tracks from Andre Williams, Cuff the Duke’s covers of Smog and Guided By Voices, Cygnets, Gardens & Villa, Inca Gold, KNTRLR, Lightouts, and Turf War’s CCR cover. There’s also a new Plants and Animals song in the Soundcloud section you should stream as well.

Andre Williams – Dirt

BLUEfiveone – Moments Like These (ft. Spark the Fire)

Conor Mason – Words

Cuff the Duke – Cold Blooded Old Times (Smog cover)
Cuff the Duke – Smothered in Hugs (Guided By Voices cover)

Cuppa Joe – Something New

Cygnets – Teenager

Fredrik – Inventress of Ill (And Everything) (Eluvium Remix)

Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom

Inca Gold – Atom

Kitty Clementine – Blow That Horn

KNTRLR – Kursk

Lightouts – The Cure for Shyness

Scout – So Close

Sean Bones – Here Now

Teeth and Tongue – Unfamiliar Skirts

Turf War – Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)


Diamonds Under Fire – The One

Hopera – The Rising

Hourglass Sea – Once In A Lifetime

Mônica da Silva – Push Me Away

Plants and Animals – Song for Love