What to talk about today. Oh, I don’t think I’ve officially weighed in on Chris Brown yet, so long after the fact, let me talk about that briefly. There’s been a bit of talk about Brown these last few weeks after a few things happened. First, they let him into the Grammys. Then they let him on stage at the Grammys. And let him perform. More than once. Brown stepped up his swagger a bit on Twitter, basically condemning those “hating” on him. Throw onto the fire some girls Tweeting that they would let Brown beat them up. Plus all sorts of evidence that Brown and Rihanna had become very friendly again, possibly even reignited their relationship. Plus, they recorded a song together. All these things happened within the last month. Most recently, and we’re talking days ago, WWE Superstar CM Punk got into a bit of an online feud with Brown, resulting in some rather hostile exchanges. Punk took to YouTube to give his side of things, and his response has gone viral. Personally, I’m in agreement with Punk and a whole lot of other people that feel like Chris Brown should just go away. I’m not saying “go away” like no longer exist, but instead just retreat from the spotlight. The doors of success and fame should be closed to him. So should every woman. If you hit a woman, you don’t deserve to be with one. Period. Sorry to go all dark and social issues and talk about artists that really have nothing to do with the content on this site. Some mp3s will make it better. In today’s Pick Your Poison, I’d advise you to have a listen to tracks from Bosco, Cadence Weapon (who samples Grimes on the track below), Crocodiles, Dustin Wong, Morningbell, Ryan Monroe (of Band of Horses), and Wooden Wand. Have a look in the Soundcloud section too for new stuff from M. Ward and TV Buddhas.

Bosco – Joker

Cadence Weapon – 88

Coke Weed – Magpie

Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

Dot Hacker – Order/Disorder

Dustin Wong – Pink Diamond

Go Back to the Zoo – Beam Me Up

Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used to Know (Francis Prève Remix)

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Centreville

Les Jupes – If This Is the Light

Mind Spiders – On the Radio

Morningbell – You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)

Pink Mink – Earthquake on the Loose

Ryan Monroe – Any Way, Shape or Deformity

Spottiswoode – Beautiful Monday

Wooden Wand – Motel Stationary


Dani Deahl Ft. Oh Snap! – Diplo Hates You (Original Mix)

The Enemy – Gimme The Sign

FACULTIES – Cold Hands

M. Ward – Primitive Girl (Single Version)

Swaying Wires – Blinding Nights

TV Buddhas – Don’t Tell Me It’s Gonna Be OK