Did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl yesterday? Well, if you aren’t in the U.S. you may not have known or cared about it, so no worries. The big controversy that emerged from it this year didn’t happen during the game, nor was it some sort of crazy thing that halftime musical guest Madonna did. Yet halftime was the scene of the crime, for despite the hefty load of guest artists during Madonna’s show that included LMFAO, Cee Lo Green and Nicki Minaj, it was M.I.A. that got caught with her middle finger up to the cameras. It was about the polar offensive opposite of the “wardrobe malfunction” Janet Jackson had at the Super Bowl a few years ago, but of course everyone’s up in arms again with apologies being issued and fines being considered. According to a contract signed before the performance though, apparently M.I.A. will be responsible for paying any fines issued, because she’s responsible for her own actions. It has the potential to cost her a pretty penny too, if we’re going by previous offenses. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Why am I not surprised that M.I.A., complete with so many controversial or politically motivated music videos and crazy statements to the press, was the one person in trouble at the Super Bowl? As her career has been fading rather quickly, I guess she needed something to keep people talking while we wait for her next album. Okay, let’s talk about something else, that being today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll advise you to check out tracks from The D.A., Guy Capecelatro III, Leland Sundries, Qualms, and the remix exchange between Ra Ra Riot and The Submarines. Both bands remixed one another, to good end results. In the Soundcloud section, please stream and enjoy a new song from Here We Go Magic.

Anna Vogelzang – One & Only

Cave Cat – Coral Reef

The Coathangers – Smother

The D.A. – Tigers

Guy Capecelatro III – Girlfriends

Hoots & Hellmouth – Why Would You Not Want to Go There?

Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)

Leland Sundries – Apparition

Mombi – Glowing Beatdown

Oy Vey – When I Was Young

Pam Shaffer – Heliotrope

Qualms – Polarized

Ra Ra Riot – Oh La (The Submarines Remix)

Softoft Techech – Sonic Tooth

Stars In Coma – Dismantle Your Heart

The Submarines – Submarine Symphonika (Ra Ra Riot Remix)


Brontide – Matador

Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind

Lindstrøm – Quiet Place to Live (Todd Rundgren Remix)

Neal Casal – Need Shelter

The October Game – Answers & Keys