I realize that many of you visit this site for the mp3s. It’s the reality of the world we’re living in these days. But did you know there’s more, genuine content on this site? Like, I write album reviews and show reviews and do the occasional artist interview? Believe it, friends. Anyways, I’ve made mention of it already in a non-Pick Your Poison post, but wanted to bring it up again for those nosediving straight to this page, that I’ve started a new little thing called Snapshot Review. Unlike the very in-depth analysis of albums I’ve been doing a couple times a week since the site began, the Snapshot Review is a much quicker and broader take on an album. I’ll still be doing the longer reviews like normal, but the Snapshot Reviews will enable me to generate more overall writing pieces without sacrificing too much more of my time. Believe it or not, my days are pretty packed, which is why I manage this site the best I can. Okay, that business is done, let’s get to the mp3s. Today I’ll advise you to give a fair shake to tracks from Coast Jumper, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, Flosstradamus, Hunx, Work Drugs and Yellow Ostrich. Oh, and Cuff the Duke’s John Lennon cover isn’t half bad either. In the Soundcloud section you may want to stream the song from New Multitudes, which is the supergroup of Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker and Yim Yames. They worked together on this tribute album to Woody Guthrie that will be out tomorrow.

All Will Be Quiet – Wide Eyes and Space Flights

Coast Jumper – Windowsill

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands – Drowned Out

Cuff the Duke – Instant Karma (John Lennon cover)

Daytona – You’re in Beijing

Dead Mellotron – Stranger

Flosstradamus – Total Recall

Hunx – Always Forever

Peh Per Ghost – Slow Train

Pyyramids – Don’t Go

Rags and Ribbons – Even Matter

Supreme Cuts – Silkk

Tigercats – Full Moon Reggae Party

Vato Gonzalez and Aldair Silva – Digital Lies (Birdee Remix)

Work Drugs – License to Drive

Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown


Eyes On Film – Something Wicked (This Way Comes)

GreyMarket – The Soloist

I Am the Avalanche – Brooklyn Dodgers

Mike Delinquent Project – Evacuate (Instrumental)

New Multitudes – My Revolutionary Mind (ft. Yim Yames)

Therapist – I Know What I Want (Blake Miller Remix)