So the Joy Division-inspired Mickey Mouse shirt has been stopped. Yes, Disney decided that there may be some issues with the design, specifically the legality of it, and so they’ve decided to stop selling the shirt altogether. You can no longer find it for sale on the Disney website. They probably also got some flak from some people upset the company would align themselves with a band whose name had Nazi ties and whose lead singer killed himself. But whatever, it was an interesting piece of merchandise while it lasted, and got people talking. If you’re desperate to own one, right now your best friend is eBay, where they’re going for hundreds of dollars. Good luck. Okay, today’s Pick Your Poison is a good one, as they tend to be. I’ll give gold stars to tracks from Cardinal, England in 1819, Erin Passmore, Grand Duchy, Theresa Andersson (with Peter Moren of Peter Bjorn and John), Xiu Xiu and Zammuto (aka one half of The Books). Oh, and I can’t forget about Cynthia Lennon, John’s first wife, singing a ukulele version of the Beatles classic “In My Life”. There’s something just a little special about that.

Bastian – Touch and Go

Biggs – The Drop

Cardinal – Carbolic Smoke Ball

Cynthia Lennon – In My Life (Beatles cover)

England in 1819 – Air That We Once Breathed

Erin Passmore – Downtown

Francis – Traktor

Gangstagrass – Shoot Dem

Grand Duchy – Silver Boys

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

Roman Ruins – Mighty Love

Saturday’s Kids – Grey on White

Silver Medallion – Trainwreck (ft. Dunson)

Theresa Andersson – What Comes Next (ft. Peter Moren)

Xiu Xiu – Hi

Zammuto – F U C-3PO


The Fiery Piano – Pegasus

Handbraekes – Callgurls

Philco Fiction – Portait Of Silence

Tremor Low – Peter Murphy’s Dead