And now, for a word about SOPA. Today is the day many websites “go dark” in an effort to push awareness about SOPA. What is SOPA? Well, if you’re reading this right now, I would hope you’ve got at least a small idea of what it is. Then again, if you’re outside the U.S., these things can be a little confusing. Any and all questions you might need answered about SOPA are available to you simply by typing the acronymn into your favorite search engine. Needless to say, if SOPA does become government policy, this site will very much cease to exist in its current form. It may cease to exist entirely, with the mere possibility that I’d be facing potential jail time for posting copyrighted music, even though I’ve been given permission to post all the songs below. So I encourage you to join the fight against SOPA, to help keep the internet free of government censorship. Okay, important piece said, let’s get to the music. Among the group of songs below, there are a handful I’ll place a special recommendation on for you. Those include tracks from Cold War Kids, Jenny Gillespie, Museum Mouth, Now, Now, The Pharmacy and Viper Creek Club. In the Soundcloud section, enjoy some danceable DFA Records cuts from Prinzhorn Dance School and Cut Copy’s remix of The Rapture. I’ll also recommend streaming the new song from Walls.

Avan Lava – It’s Never Over

Cold War Kids – Minimum Day

The Elkcloner – Crossfire

Gross Relations – Cut the Final Scene

Jenny Gillespie – Creature of Our Make

Korallreven – Sa Sa Samoa (For Real For Sure For You Version)

Leonard Friend – Everything for the Sake of Everything

Museum Mouth – Blood Mountain

Now, Now – School Friends

Pandercakes – Andre Breton

The Pharmacy – Dig Your Grave

The Slytest – Winning Without Playing

Topless – Say You Love Me

Viper Creek Club – Because I Know


CSLSX – Aeromancer (ft. Mountain Man)

Moonlight Towers – The Easy Way Out

Prinzhorn Dance School – Usurper

The Rapture – Sail Away (Cut Copy Remix)

Robert Deeble – Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan Cover)

Walls – Into Our Midst (Reprise)