Normally on Tuesday I’d tell you all about the great new albums being released this week, so you might stop by your local record store and pick one or more of them up. This early in the year though, there’s little to nothing of note coming out. The only thing I’ll really talk about is Nirvana’s “Live at the Paramount”, which has been available on DVD and Blu-Ray for a few weeks now. The audio-only portion of that show is what’s new this week. As I already own the Blu-Ray and watched it while hungover on New Year’s Day, I’ll attest to its excellence. There’s a lot of great moments to be found from that show, even if you’re a collector and already have a number of already released live bootlegs. The show takes place on Halloween, which was shortly after the release of “Nevermind” but before it completely took off and became one of the greatest albums of all time. Basically the show chronicles Nirvana just before they became bigger than they could handle. It’s a fun little curio, and highly recommended. Also highly recommended are a handful of tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison. Those come from 120 Days, Black Dice, Gary Go, Gracie, Placeholder and Standard Fare. In the Soundcloud section, you’ll be interested to stream tracks from Labyrinth Ear and Nick Zinner’s Grinderman remix.

120 Days – Dahle Disco

Black Dice – Pigs

Buxton – Boy of Nine
Buxton – Riverbed

The Darcys – Josie (Steely Dan cover)

Gary Go – Our Love is On the Line

Gracie – Tryck R Treat

Heartless Bastards – Parted Ways

Hexham Heads – Freezing

Placeholder – Resent

Princeton – Remembrance of Things to Come

Rags & Ribbons – The Glass Masses

Scott Matthew – True Sting

Standard Fare – Suitcase

Tim Foljahn – New Light


Blondfire – Walking With Giants

Grinderman – Bellringer Blues (Nick Zinner Remix)

Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones

The Love Below – Buyer’s Remorse

Pale Seas – Something Or Nothing

Yes Sir Idol – Heavy Conscience