I literally get hundreds of emails about this here site each and every day, and that’s not an attempt to brag but makes for just a little note of concern on my part. If somebody really wants or needs a response from me about music they’ve sent me or want to send me, I do my best to write and send replies. On occasion though, some people have a tough time getting enough oxygen to their brains and they’ll ask me a silly or downright stupid question. If you’re an artist or a promotions/public relations person for an artist, please try to do a little leg work yourself. I get all kinds of emails asking if “Artist X” can have their mp3 featured in an edition of Pick Your Poison. These are the second and third emails I get from such people, and if I’m able, I’ll try and put their mp3 into a Pick Your Poison edition within a couple days of the very first email sent to me. Some artists and promoters are impatient, especially if they don’t see their song up on this site within 24 hours. Others fail to recognize that the music they’re hoping to promote has already been posted on my site, days or weeks beforehand. Here’s a helpful hint to all those people, and to you dear reader as well: there is a search bar. It is located near the top of the page on the right side. Type in whatever you want, an artist name, a song name, and so forth, and the search function will do its best to find all the posts matching your criteria. Brilliant, isn’t it? Just a helpful Friday tip from me to you. Oh, and thanks to the artists and promoters that are clearly paying attention to what’s being posted. You’re the smart ones and I appreciate the leg work you do to make that happen. Okay, now let’s do today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll place the spotlight on tracks from Bleeding Knees Club, David’s Lyre, The Ex-Girlfriends Club, Isidore, Leema Mountain, Po Po, and Sharks. In the Soundcloud section enjoy Rick Rubin’s remix of Justice’s “On’N’On”, among others.

Air – Sexy Boy (Theatre of Delays Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (GZUS Remix)

Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing to Do

David’s Lyre – English Roses

Dreamend – The Face on the Tintype

The Ex-Girlfriends Club – The Witch (The Sonics cover)

Gotye – Somebody I Used to Know ft. Kimbra (Emerson & Fox Treatment)

Isidore – Song of the City

Jokers of the Scene – Organized Zounds (Cosmic Kids Remix)

Joshua McCormack – Terminal Velocity

Leema Mountain – You

Po Po – Final Fight

Sharks – Arcane Effigies

Staygold – Backseat (Rimer London Remix)

Young Magic – Sparkly (Matthewdavid Odyssey Remix)


The Explorers Club – Run Run Run

Gosteffects – Slave to the Sweat

Justice – On’N’On (Ruined By Rick Rubin)

Rhum for Pauline – I Can Reach The Top

Silver Rocket – The Worst Is Yet To Come

Turnpike Glow – 1986