Merry Christmas! Or if you’re of the Jewish persuasion, Happy Hanukkah! There’s a host of other faiths I can also wish a Happy ____ to, so if you’re feeling bad for not being included in those holiday greetings, please fill in whatever you celebrate in the blank space here: Happy _____! I totally mean that, too. Pick Your Poison is in weekly mode for this week and next, to accomodate for everyone taking time off to spend with family and friends. Naturally I’ll also be doing the same. I hope you get all the gifts on your list this year. So for the last Pick Your Poison before Christmas, here’s a giant giveaway of holiday and non-holiday related mp3s and streaming songs. May it make the days ahead that much brighter and more delightful. Just so you know, due to the extensive number of songs in the Soundcloud section today, I’ve put those after the jump to help reduce the site loading time. Tracks I’ll recommend in this set come from Acid House Kings, ANR (covering Kelis), Candy Claws, Chicago’s own Dozens, Kathryn Calder, Pretty Good Dance Moves, D Lissvik’s remix of ceo, and Teen Daze’s remix of Young Liars. Paul McCartney and his good friend Eric Clapton take on the old standard “My Valentine” in the Soundcloud section, and songs from Folks and Kites are worth streaming too. Enjoy your holiday, and we’ll catch up one last time before the end of 2011!

Acid House Kings – (I’m in) A Chorus Line

ANR – Millionaire (Kelis cover)

Artery – The Prediction

Baby Baby – We Do This All Night Long

Brown Shoe – Sick Man

Candy Claws – Snow Face

Capital Cities – Holiday (Madonna cover)

Cats on Fire – My Sense of Pride

Cece Teneal – Work

ceo – Illuminata (D Lissvik Remix)

The Connects – Christmas in the Club

Delusionists – Underachiever

Dozens – Forget Me

Fotoshop – Becoming Zen

Freestylers – Give Me A Dub Plate

Hot Gossip – 666 Christmas 666 (Endless Summer Song)

James Blake – Not Long Now (Tommy Svensson Remix)

Kathryn Calder – Turn A Light On

Legan and Met – Someplace Else

Local Hero – Lady Wisconsin

Lucy Rose – Driving Home for Christmas

Meridians – Desert of Love

Meyerson – Requiem

The Mowglis – San Francisco (Demo)

Nedry – Float
Nedry – Post Six

Paz – Beautiful Lies

Paul thomas Saunders – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Anthologies cover version)

The Phantom Family Halo – White Hot Gun

The Photographic – Secure (Amtrac Remix)

Pretty Good Dance Moves (ft. Sabina Sciubba) – I Wonder Why

Rebecca Zapen – Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer cover)

Sidney Samson – Music Box (Smoke & Mirrors Bootleg)

State Shirt – National Felt
State Shirt – The Road to Hana

Young Liars – Colours (Teen Daze Remix)


Alex Metric & Charli XCX – End of the World (Amtrac Remix)

Antonymes meets Slow Dancing Society – The Colour Of Long Days

Folks – Skull and Bones

Goapele – Play (Substratum Remix)

Hybrid Theory – Whispers Talk (Original Mix)

Jay James Picton – Another Man

Kites – This Jumped-Up Boy In Livery

Michael Canitrot – White Escape

N’Chyx – Gully

Paul McCartney – My Valentine

Therapist – I Know What I Want (Blake Miller Remix)

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Viceroy Remix)