This really is the last legitimate record release date of 2011. There’s a handful of interesting albums coming out today, not the least of which is the new Black Keys effort “El Camino”, Other notables include records from Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover (of “Community” fame), The Roots, and Olafur Arnalds. The Cure are putting out a 2-disc Live at Bestival album that was recorded earlier this year, and Zomby have a new EP as well. Overall, a surprisingly good set of releases for the first Tuesday of December. The songs in today’s Pick Your Poison are great too. I’ll give a thumbs up to tracks from Christopher Paul Stelling, Evan Voytas, Gospel Music, Luke Roberts, Pond and Chicago’s own Unicycle Loves You. Chad Valley’s remix of Noah and the Whale is pretty decent as well.

Christopher Paul Stelling – Mourning Train to Memphis

Diamond Rugs – Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant

Evan Voytas – Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are

Get People – Macaw

Gospel Music – Apartment

Gramatik & Break Science – Boogie Down

The Hit Men – A Four Seasons Christmas

Jessie Baylin – Little Trouble Girl

Johny Draper – Touch It

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Everything That You Took

Luke Roberts – Dime Song

Noah and the Whale – Give It All Back (Chad Valley Remix)

Pond – Fantastic Explosion of Time

Skitsnygg – Devastation

Talk in Colour – Nightshifts (Fauxbo Remix)

Thee American Revolution – Electric Flame

Unicycle Loves You – Wow Wave Cinema


Anne – Virginal Plight

Luke De-Sciscio – I Don’t Want To Be Free

Wry Climate – Pre-Dawn Storm