Have you heard about this situation going on with Best Coast? Drummer Ali Koehler is no longer a member of the band, apparently. She doesn’t really know the reason why she was fired (or maybe she does and prefers not to say), but there’s a bit of a rumor mill with a couple potential explanations as to why. Other than getting into a very bad argument with principal members Bethany Cosentino or Bobb Bruno, there’s the suggestion that perhaps Koehler was fired due to an “image problem”. That is to say, delicately, that she’s not exactly the type of person you think of when considering female rock band drummers. Reportedly Best Coast is looking to hit it big on the “mainstream” circuit with their second album, and may be getting all the pieces in place to make that happen. I guess a session drummer has taken Koehler’s place, but that’s likely temporary as they seek out somebody full time. Bethany Cosentino has yet to officially comment on it, but Koehler has been on Twitter essentially puzzled as to why she was “let go”. As with her time in Vivian Girls, this is probably only a temporary setback for Koehler, who will likely find percussion work with another band very soon. I wish her the best of luck, and think that in an ideal world, you’d want the best musicians in your band, looks and personality come second. Okay, so on to the business at hand – Pick Your Poison. This Thursday edition is excellent, complete with recommended tracks from 33Hz, AU, Fol Chen, Islands, Matthew Dear, Saintseneca, and Scott Matthew (featuring Sia).

33Hz – Stephanie All Night

Amy Ray – Glow

AU – Solid Gold

Azure Blue – Little Confusions

Fol Chen – Back on Kent

Golden – Destinee

Islands – This Is Not A Song

Lil Daggers – Dead Golden Girls

Lydia Loveless – Learn to Say No

Matthew Dear – Headcage

NO – Stay With Me

Plains – Black Feeling

Saintseneca – Blood Drawing

Scott H. Biram – I Want My Mojo Back

Scott Matthew – Silent Nights (ft. Sia)

Severin – Factory Fodder

Slim Twig – There’s A Secret to Your Pleasure

Tom Vek – Someone Loves You (Cookies Re-dip)

Zebra and Snake – Burden


Alvin and Lyle – The Good Feeling

I Break Horses – Load Your Eyes (Star Slinger Load Your 808 Remix)

SolarSolar – Walking Like Children