This is a warning. The warning is that this will be the last Monday edition of Pick Your Poison for 2011. In fact, this will be the last full week of Pick Your Poison for 2011 as well. Next week and the following week, otherwise known as the last two weeks of the year, Faronheit will be on a posting vacation, and that includes distribution of mp3s. That’s okay, plenty of other people are headed out of town or will be busy anyways. The music also kind of dries up for those couple weeks as well. I will be posting some music for you to download or stream during those weeks, but look for editions of Pick Your Poison to be reduced down to Fridays only. Then, starting the first week in January 2012, things return to normal. Consider yourselves warned, friends. Okay, now let’s tackle today’s normal-sized edition. I can recommend tracks from Cloud Nothings, Field Mouse, Lovers, Chicago’s own Meryll, Silverhawk, and to get festive, Yuzima doing a Christmas classic.

Albert Swarm – Familiarities

Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless

Field Mouse – You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom

I, Colossus – The Ocean

Johny Draper – Street Dream

Lovers – How Beautiful You Are

Meryll – Red, Brown, Cerulean Blue

Now, Now – Dead Oaks

Silverhawk – Class War

Sylver Tongue – Hook You Up

Thallie Ann Seenyen – Angel

Tim Carr – Enough
Tim Carr – Downtown Girls

Warning Light – Eventide Ladies

White Fold – End of Now

Yuzima – Winter Wonderland


Albert Swarm – Recurring Dream (:papercutz Remix)

Heroin In Tahiti – Death Surf

Plushgun – I Like It (Buffetlibre Remix)

Rednek – They Call Me (Radio Mix)

RJ Thompson – Fables