It’s the last day of November. Last month I seemed to indicate that it was “all downhill” in terms of the weather conditions for the next few months, but honestly there hasn’t been a whole lot of trouble beyond temperatures taking a steep drop. Cold is very unpleasant to deal with, but snow and ice are far worse. I consider it lucky, at least for most of America, that things have stayed pretty calm. That luck can only hold out for so long however. Remember to stay safe out there, even if you’re dealing with 65 and sunny in Los Angeles. Okay, so Pick Your Poison for today is pretty great, if you ask me. I can recommend tracks from Femme Fatality, Ha Ha Tonka, Little Dragon remixing Odd Future offshoot The Internet, Kid Sister, Pressed And, and A Weather. In the Soundcloud section, stream a remix of an Austra song, Cuff the Duke’s Arcade Fire cover, something new from Jonquil and a reworking of a Young Galaxy track.

Dear Lions – Exactly the Same

Femme Fatality – Tulsa

Graham Repulski – Mommy’s Dreaming
Graham Repulski – Everyone Likes My Three Dollar Shirt

Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects

Heatheners – Backwards Halo

The Internet – Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix)

Kid Sister – Mickey

Ki: Theory – I Wanna Run (ft. Maura Davis)

Nicky Blitz – Alive

Pressed And – Fire Shelf

Seventeen Evergreen – Angels

Simon Spire – Today (ZIP)

Soso – Who’s Gonna Love Me

A Weather – I’ll Be Home for Christmas


Austra – Beat and the Pulse (M. Shawn Crahan Motion Remix)

Cuff The Duke – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover)

Jonquil – It’s My Part

Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Egon Brainparts Remix)

Peo De Pitte – Who Do You Love?

Young Galaxy – Phantoms (Original Take)