Every now and then you encounter a live show that is so captivating and incredible, you want to tell everyone and anyone about it. This goes beyond your standard or casual mention to a friend or colleague – this is full on blind passion, a screaming from the rooftops level of incredulity where you just want to run up to somebody and violently shake them into waking up from the slumber of their everyday lives to bear witness to such a performance. Such moments are special, because of how rarely they occur. This past summer, I had such an experience, and I’ve been telling everyone about it since. I was all set to go through the motions and pretty sarcastically review most of the sets at this year’s Lollapalooza, when 45 minutes of magic happened. Those came exclusively from the band Le Butcherettes, a band I had only anticipated watching for a few minutes on my way to another set. After their first song however, I was hooked. Frontwoman Teri Gender Bender is a force to be reckoned with on stage, bringing such intensity to her performance that you can feel invisible daggers being hurled at you simply by looking at her in the eyes. She’s not afraid to get physical either, slamming her head into the microphone, doing cartwheels and somersaults, throwing her guitar around and crowd surfing. She’s a menace in the best possible way, and is backed by some equally intense work from Jonathan Hischke on bass and Gabe Serbian on drums. During their Lollapalooza set, Serbian was playing with such force in such hot temperatures he violently puked on stage and off. I’ve seen plenty of bands attempt to push boundaries and do crazy shit on stage, but very few have done it with such art and conviction. They truly leave it all out there, and I guarantee you won’t see much else like it in this day and age. I suspect Le Butcherettes are on their way towards much bigger and better things the more people catch onto them, and it’s one of the big reasons why you need to see them now as opposed to later. I’m making mention of this because Le Butcherettes are currently on a fall tour, and they return to Chicago this Friday, November 4th for a show at Subterranean. If you live anywhere in or around the city, I strongly advise you to come out to the show. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here. You can also buy them at the door on Friday night (provided it doesn’t sell out before then). White Mystery and Gypsyblood are also on the bill. Bring some friends and family too. Here are a few mp3s to help whet your whistle:

Le Butcherettes – Henry Don’t Got Love
Le Butcherettes – New York

That aside, let’s talk today’s Pick Your Poison. There are a few real gems here, so I’ll advise you to check out tracks from Cookies, Esben and the Witch, Greenhorse, Howth, New Cassettes, Silverclub and Waxahatchee.

13Ghosts – Dr. Bill

Apteka – Striking Violet

Cookies – Love Will Never Do (Without You)/Katharine Beat

Esben and the Witch – Hexagons II (The Flight)

Greenhorse – The Breathing Machine

Holy Names – The American Crowbar Case

Howth – Needles and Pins

Marco Panella – Levi

New Cassettes – Silent Guns

OHO – Free to Flee

Silicon Ballet – Sunglasses

Silverclub – No Application

Toy Bombs – We’re All Just Little Children

Trumpdisco – Love in a Cold Climate

Waxahatchee – Grass Stain


Christina LaRocca – Freddie

Down the Machine – Know Your Place

The Jezabels – Endless Summer (Error Operator Remix)

Mike Vial and the Great Lake Effect – Made A Mess

Navet – Leave And Let Go

Troumaca – Fire