It feels like a big music news Monday. Maybe it’s just that two big acts announced some tour dates. Radiohead are busy plotting out a 2012 tour, and as of now they’ll be going on a 10 date jaunt through much of the southern U.S., without any stops on the east or west coast or most of the midwest. Surely they’ll announce a lot more dates in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out if your city hasn’t been announced yet (see: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles). Then you’ve also got Jeff Mangum announcing a bunch of new dates, including a lot of markets he didn’t hit this fall (see: Chicago). It feels great to have him back around and touring again, even if it doesn’t result in any new music. So there’s that. And my special deluxe package of Sigur Ros’ “Inni” arrived in the mail today. I’m excited, and if you haven’t ordered yours yet, get on that. Today’s Pick Your Poison has me excited too, and it’s available on demand right here and now. Tracks I’ll recommend today come from Cuckoo Chaos, Doldrums, Golden Bloom (covering Philistines Jr.), Lil Daggers, Sleeping Bags, T.H. White, Virgin Forest and White Denim.

The Blam – No Surprise

Cuckoo Chaos – Just Ride It

Dead Social Club – This Painting is Cursed

Doldrums – I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here in My Satellite

DJ Phoecus and Mizzy the Wild Child – Bright Lightzz

Eligh and AmpLive – Tattoo Song

For All the Girls – Phylicia

Gigamesh – Red Light (Goldroom Remix)

Golden Bloom – Working Title: The Mob Song (Philistines Jr. cover)

Lil Daggers – Dada Brown

Martin Denny – The Enchanted Sea (Young Magic Trip)

Rob Bliss – Away on Holiday

Roc Marciano and Gangrene – Jet Luggage (Instrumental)

S.C.U.M. – Summon the Sound (Purity Ring Remix)

Sleeping Bags – Shark

T.H. White – Down in the Garden

Virgin Forest – Don’t Be Afraid

White Denim – No Real Reason


Cardinal – Love Like Rain

Dry the River – Weights & Measures

Kidstreet – Never Coming Back