It’s Friday, the first weekend in November. I hope you’ve got some great fall plans and that the weather’s good where you are. Let’s jump right into Pick Your Poison for today. I can throw out recommendations for tracks from The Adamski Kid’s cover of PJ Harvey, Bad Passion’s Beach House cover, and Parenthetical Girls’ Kate Bush cover. Also excellent are songs from Carnivores, Cloud Nothings, Mood Rings, Two Wounded Birds and Way Yes. In the Soundcloud section, be sure to stream a new song from Field Music.

The Adamski Kid – The Desperate Kingdom of Love (PJ Harvey cover)

Bad Passion – Gila (Beach House cover)

Barry Adamson – Destination

Carnivores – Prom Night

Charlie Blacksmoke – Evolve the Fukkup (Future Chakra Mix)

Cloud Nothings – No Future/No Past

Frank Ocean – Pyrite (Pdex Remix)

Great Aunt Ida – Romance

I and I – Illusions

The Lower 48 – The End

Mood Rings – Promise Me Eternity

New Hands – This I’ve Heard

Old Wives’ Tale – Momma Devil

Parenthetical Girls – Under the Ivy (Kate Bush cover)

Scattered Trees – Four Days Straight (Barbaric Merits Remix)

Three Metre Day – I’m Like An Oak

Two Wounded Birds – I Think the World of You

Way Yes – Tia


evacuee – Come Around

Field Music – (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing

Lucy Schwartz – Domino