Allow me to take a moment to address a topic that has been widely discussed by most music sites around the globe: the validity (or invalidity) of Lana Del Rey. People are so quick to criticize. Yes, Lana Del Rey is a fake name, and she already attempted to become a music star under her original name Lizzie Grant. Yes, she’s adopted a sharply different look in becoming Lana Del Rey, one that seems to have involved possible cosmetic surgery (her lips? more?) and a pinup-style wardrobe. In essence, there’s not much about her that’s genuine, and apparently that gets people upset. It goes without saying she’s also using her sexuality to also generate press, what with her good looks and subservient-like nature recalling a time in which women were both ruled over and ogled over by men. My stance is that all that doesn’t matter in the least. When you’re sitting in your car and a song like “Video Games” or “Blue Jeans” comes on the stereo, does it stick with you beyond those few minutes? Can you deny that the minimal pieces of music we’ve heard from Lana Del Rey have all been strong when you completely remove the context behind them? The look is a way to draw our attention, but the music is what keeps it. I dislike the way it’s being sold and packaged, but cannot say it’s a bad thing in the least. If you want to weigh in on Lana Del Rey, feel free to leave a comment. As to today’s Pick Your Poison, Bombay Bicycle Club does an interesting take on Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” in the Soundcloud section. Also there you can stream Thievery Corporation’s remix of an AM & Shawn Lee track. In terms of mp3s, I”ll give gold stars to tracks from Friends By Fire, Hospitality, Raymond Raposa (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Vesper), Steel Phantoms, and Water Babys.

Convaire – The New You

De Montevert – Du kommer ångra dig

Eight and A Half – Scissors

Friends By Fire – Magic Johnson

Gordon Voidwell – MalcolmXXXMcLaren

Hospitality – Friends of Friends

The Inspector Cluzo – Fuck the Bass Player

Lid Emba – Stuttercrow

Mighty Moon – Vampire Plans

The Oyster Murders – Ghosts in Our Wake

Raymond Raposa ft. Sufjan Stevens and Vesper – Beyond This Place

Satellite Stories – Family

Steel Phantoms – Floodlight

Tits & Clits – Ariadne (ft. I’m Not A Band)

Water Babys – Binary Birds
Water Babys – Radio

World History – Forcefield (Beck cover)


AM & Shawn Lee – Promises Are Never Far From Lies (Thievery Corporation Remix)

Bombay Bicycle Club – Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)

The Campbell Apartment – Autumn

The M Machine – Promise Me A Rose Garden

Union Starr – I Know About Art