In this week’s somewhat weird music news, I want to talk ever so briefly about the upcoming tour of college campuses that’s set to happen with Neon Indian and Kreayshawn performing. I find it odd because there’s not a whole lot I find in common with those two artists. Okay, maybe they both share a common love of the 80s, but musically speaking, between Alan Palomo’s chillwave synth-based sound and Kreayshawn’s hip hop stylings, the pairing is…interesting to say the least. Are there people that love both artists? Does anybody really LIKE Kreayshawn period? Given the number of times her music videos have been viewed, I guess so. As I’m not quite close enough to a college campus where the tour stops, I won’t have a chance to see the spectacle for myself, but if you go, let me know if it works. Okay, so let’s get on with Pick Your Poison today. I can affix a gold star to tracks from 200 Years, Boats, Holiday Shores, Icebird, and The Scrap Hotel. In the Soundcloud section, perhaps you’d like to stream Jamie Woon’s remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”, or hear a new cut from Pinback’s Rob Crow. It’s pretty delightful.

200 Years – Solar System

Ben Lear – Scuba Lessons

Boats – T.V. Scientist

Carlos Paredes – Movimento Perpetuo

Eight Bit Tiger – Numbers

Holiday Shores – Spells
Holiday Shores – Threepeat Got Old

Home Video – A Quiet Place

Icebird – Charmed Life

Kraddy – Black Box

New London Fire – Other Side of Town

Oreo Jones – Stay Away (Nirvana cover)

Phantogram – Don’t Move

The Scrap Hotel – Crazy Old Man

Silver Wren – Fall Sky
Silver Wren – Winter’s Hum

Zoe Boekbinder – Bakery


Altered Beats – Technicolor

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Jamie Woon Remix)

Levi Lowrey – No Good Dreaming Kind

Luxe In – Come Forward

Rob Crow – Pat’s Crabs

Yuzima – Mysterious Ways (U2 cover)